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An estimating service with a number of options to suit your requirements.

Proquant provides a number or services that all vary in level of detail. See our services below.

Depending on what you want to achieve will determine which report will suit your needs. Both PDF and Microsoft Excel formats are provided with the latter being able to be adjusted by you if required.

Preliminary Estimating

The Preliminary Estimating is the most basic of our services is a report that shows costs broken down into material and labour sub-headings. These costs are still quantified with the usual accuracy but do not show breakdowns or specific details for each of the headings. Often used for feasibilities.

Required information:

Town planning/Working drawings

Hybrid Estimating

The Hybrid Estimating is a cross between the preliminary estimating and bill of quantities estimating and as such shows previously mentioned sub-headings of the preliminary estimating along with additional breakdowns showing how the costs were formulated, though not as detailed as the bill of quantity estimating. Often used for feasibilities and tendering.

Required information:

Town planning/Working drawings

Bill of Quantities Estimating

Finally, the Bill of Quantities Estimating is a report that shows all of the above along with itemised details and cutting lists. Within the bill of quantities are items that can be used to order materials from. This being the most detailed report is obviously the most accurate. Often used for tendering and ordering.

Required information:

  • Working drawings
  • Structural engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Energy rport
  • Soil test


Once the above mentioned ‘required information’ documents have been received, quotes are prepared and returned for each of the specific types of estimating, along with examples forms of estimating, enabling you to determine the best possible requirement for your project. Quotes are returned within 30 minutes of us receiving documentation and time frames for completion are also disclosed at this stage.

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